Modern Love: A single girl’s survival guide

an introspective look into the life of a 34-year-old woman who is still figuring out how to navigate through this world.

Self-care, spirituality, dating, relationships, sex, pop culture and life as a woman.

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After a recent breakup, she (I) needs to rediscover herself and does this through yoga, meditation, reiki, shrooms, psychotherapy, and forcing herself to try new things and say “yes” to life! She heard that you have to just take a bomb on your current life and blow shit upin order to get things flowing again….. *cue EXPLOSION sfx*

This is my story up till now

A consistent dreamer, grasping for great things, trying them out but never really succeeding longer than a year, now looking for the next thing in life. Not knowing who I am, trying so many career paths, not knowing my worth, needy, quiet…and I am ready to plant seeds from this dreamer head of mine, and writing and sharing my experience is what I am drawn to do.

Years and years of experience in online dating, relationships, heartbreak, struggle, love addiction, the grandgesturehappyendingbrainwashing from pop culture, the endless opinions of everyone around her, can’t clearly hear her own inner voice…

So she seeks.

She seeks inner peace, self-worth, sacred relationships, and romantic love.

“Don’t wait for the bread to rise” – Eric Weinstein

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