After being fired…

I was let go from my job at the beginning of December. This was the first time I was fired, & I was okay with the decision because I was not happy in that environment anymore, and it was starting to show.

I left the building feeling relieved, with a renewed sense of hope for a better job and with two tote bags full of shoes. I took a taxi home & was delighted that everyone would be talking about me and sad I didn’t get to say bye to certain people.

This is how I felt in the days after:

– I felt angry

– I felt used

– I felt unappreciated

– I felt in despair

– I felt lonely

– I felt like a failure

After you sit and stew in what happened, resentful emotions come out to play. I sought for advice, and it was to not focus on how I felt, but to focus on how I wanted to feel.

– I wanted to feel supported

– I wanted to feel energetic

– I wanted to feel loved

– I wanted to feel excited

– I wanted to feel involved

– I wanted to feel content

Causes for Being Overweight:

1. Fear, Need of Protection

  • the better you get at understanding your true needs & taking care of them, the more negative body image thoughts will cease.

2. Running Away  From Your Feelings

  • these are your internal guidance system, your signal that you have a belief, need or feeling that needs attentiong.

3. Insecurity, Self Rejection

  • negative body image, thoughts/words must be interrupted/ altered at all times

4. Seeking Fulfillment

  • the body listens to what you’re thinking and responds defensively by keeping fat on your body


Treat your body with respect & apologize to it when you judge it or don’t listen to it.


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More & More I Love & Approve of Myself.

ps: have you ever worried that one day it will be your anonymous mid-section on the 6 o’clock news during a segment on obesity? do those people have to sign release forms? it seems pretty unfair to just put unsuspecting tummies on blast like that.